School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences offers a growing catalog of bachelor's and master's degree programs that are designed to meet 21st-century employer demands. Teaching is student-centric, developing the whole person in an intellectually robust and caring environment. Faculty will nurture students' academic development while ensuring that they are prepared for life after graduation.

General Education Studies

General education studies in the School of Arts and Sciences provide a general understanding of the world including the appropriate use of spoken and written English, a broad view of history, an understanding of social institutions, a comprehension of human nature, an appreciation of cultural values, and a general knowledge of science. Bible courses also have general education value.

General education occupies a more prominent place in the four-year and five-year degree curricula of the university than in the Associate of Arts degrees.

Upon completion of the general education studies, the students should be equipped to do the following:

  1. Communicate effectively in speech and writing, demonstrating skills such as creative expression, exposition, and argumentation
  2. Think critically, logically, and constructively as they interpret and evaluate experiences, literature, language, and ideas
  3. Develop aesthetic sensitivities and enhanced creativity
  4. Cultivate knowledge of other cultures and appreciation for diversity
  5. Construct a historical nexus for an appreciation of all other disciplines