21 Credit Hours


Students completing the concentration in Sports Management will be prepared for a number of career possibilities in a variety of organizations, including professional sports teams, college athletic departments, sports media and marketing firms, merchandising and promotions, leisure and recreational services, and more. The main objective, for each student in study, is to combine the “hands on” experience of an internship in the field with classroom rigor and research highlighted by guest lecturers. This integrated approach combines principles and practice leading to a full and broad based educational experience leading to possible career in sports administration and management.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the skills and competencies necessary to manage and lead within sports areas including recreation, athletics or sports marketing
  • Use best practices within the profession
  • Develop and implement strategies within the context of particular sports
  • Research and develop articulated sports marketing and media as applied in sports today
  • Apply knowledge of legal and ethical practices
  • Use sports psychology and team building techniques