18 Credit Hours


The BBA in Management is designed to introduce students to the processes, systems, methods, and operations of organizations both nationally and internationally. It equips students with the skills and competencies to manage people, business operations and processes, data and information, external environment and risks, and applicable laws and regulations. The management discipline enables students to grasp the intricacies of leading organizations – for profit and nonprofit – toward the achievement of their goals. It prepares students for successful careers as managers, HR directors, analysts, and consultants. The degree integrates cutting-edge curriculum and teaching with experiential learning opportunities via internships and work placements. Finally, in recognition of the fact that modern businesses and nonprofits are situated within a global economy, students are offered avenues to pursue study abroad and other international opportunities.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Build a strong base of knowledge of management theories, concepts and practices
  • Employ major financial concepts, principles, and strategies in a variety of applications
  • Prepare, understand, and explain basic financial statements
  • Utilize the latest technologies for information gathering, analysis, and reporting
  • Identify and apply pertinent regulatory and legal requirements for organizations