18 Credit Hours


The Esports concentration is designed to prepare students for a future career in the growing Esports arena. It will build capabilities for a variety of fields such as gaming, events management, nutrition, team work, regulation, journalism, game design, social media, and marketing. The program will equip students with many multifunctional skills that translate well for a variety of career roles in Esports or elsewhere.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Evidence fundamental knowledge of the multidisciplinary competencies necessary in esports
  • Integrate content knowledge from the core areas of the esports industry by engaging in work-integrated learning and completing projects
  • Demonstrate teamwork, group communication, and networking competencies
  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills integrating digital tools
  • Understand the ethical, social and economic dynamics of the esports industry


Core (12 Credit Hours)

Electives [Select from any ES, CS, MG or SM Course] (6 Credit Hours)