164 Credit Hours


The highly selective Five-Year Accelerated Bachelor of Arts–Master of Divinity Program provides an opportunity for academically competitive students to receive advanced biblical, theological, and ministry training for the contemporary world while minimizing the time required. Graduates of the Five-Year Scholars Program are fully qualified to enter a Doctor of Philosophy program.

Students indicate their desire to pursue the Scholars Program when applying to CU. Initial approval is granted at admission, and official acceptance into the program is issued upon students’ completion of 60 undergraduate hours. Scholars’ eligibility to continue in the program is monitored at the end of every semester.

During the first two years students complete the majority of their core of Bible and General Education courses. During the third year they begin courses in their track and graduate-level courses that apply to both the BA and the MDiv Students apply to the Piedmont Divinity School Scholars Program in the spring of their second year and graduate with their BA in the spring of their fourth year. The fourth year is a bridge year, and the fifth year is entirely devoted to completing their MDiv requirements. Students graduate with their MDiv degree in the spring of their fifth year.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate through expository messages, lectures, or journal articles a general knowledge of the Bible (original languages or English translation) and an in-depth understanding of selected books using a literal hermeneutic leading to a dispensational, premillennial interpretation of the Scriptures
  • Exhibit competence in providing appropriate spiritual counsel or guidance in a church and in other ministry settings
  • Demonstrate ability in applying Christian Apologetics to evaluate contemporary philosophical ideas and commitment to applying biblical truth in evangelism
  • Conduct graduate-level research on a ministry-related subject, as demonstrated in a paper using clear English and standard procedures
  • Explain and contrast the basic tenets of Christian theology and principles of ministry from a perspective of Christian maturity and Baptist distinctives
  • Develop measurable strategies for establishing and leading effective ministries

Admissions Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended schools
  • Completed application with Carolina University
  • Written declaration upon admission to CU indicating intention to pursue the Scholars Program
  • Essay by the applicant stating and explaining the following:
    • Evidence of academic excellence
    • Record of ministry effectiveness
    • Clear sense of calling
  • A letter of endorsement by a local church, a church-related ministry, or a parachurch organization recommending the applicant to pursue the Scholars Program
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.00 every semester
  • Five-Year BA–MDiv Scholars Program application upon completing 60 undergraduate hours
  • Selection by the Five-Year BA–MDiv Scholars Program Committee
  • Note: The selection criteria include the following:
    • Cumulative GPA and academic success
    • Commitment to excellence in ministry
    • Letter of endorsement
    • Student Christian character
    • Vote of the Scholars Committee

Degree Requirements

Time limits to Complete Program

  1. Standard: 5 years
  2. Maximum: 8 years
  • Minimum Hours to be Completed at CU
    • Undergraduate credits: 30 hrs
    • Graduate credits: 36 hrs
  • Maximum Transfer Credits Allowed
    • Undergraduate credits: 60 hrs
    • Graduate credits: 36 hrs
  • Minimum Graduation GPA
    • Undergraduate: 3.00
    • Graduate: 3.00


3 Credit Hours
3 Credit Hours
36 Credit Hours
Graduate Ministry Elective
3 Credit Hours
Graduate Level Theology Elective
3 Credit Hours
Graduate General Elective
3 Credit Hours

Professional Core (48 Credit Hours)

3 Credit Hours
3 Credit Hours
3 Credit Hours
3 Credit Hours

Track Courses (Choose One Area)

Pastoral Studies Emphasis (45 Credit Hours)

3 Credit Hours
3 Credit Hours
3 Credit Hours
3 Credit Hours
3 Credit Hours
Bible Elective
3 Credit Hours
Graduate Bible NT Elective
3 Credit Hours

Church Ministry Emphasis (45 Credit Hours)

3 Credit Hours
3 Credit Hours
Undergraduate Elective
3 Credit Hours
Minor Electives
18 Credit Hours
MDiv Track Courses
12 Credit Hours

Students in the Christian Ministry Emphasis may choose to make the following approved substitutions:

Listed Course Approved Substitute
BLH 600 - Hebrew I BSO 601 - Old Testament Word Studies
BLH 601 - Hebrew II BSO___ Graduate OT Elective
BLG 500 - Greek I BSN 601 - New Testament Word Studies
BLG 501 - Greek II BSN___ Graduate NT Elective
HIS 500 - Church History I HIS 501 - Church History II
MIN 524 - Teaching the Bible MIN 520 - Homiletics