Student Government (SGA)

The SGA consists of elected officers as well as other appointed student representatives. The purpose of the SGA is: to provide a formal and official student governing organization within the university, to promote the general welfare of the student body and university by fostering unity and advancing the mission of the university, to provide clear representation of the student body to the university leadership, and to serve as the governing organization of the student body.

Student’s School of Study

The Piedmont Divinity School, the John Wesley School of Leadership, the Moore School of Education, the Patterson School of Business, and the School of Arts and Science are led by the faculty of that school. School groups meet on a regular basis throughout the semester to keep the students up-to-date on pertinent issues within their field of study.

Student’s Graduating Class

A faculty member will work with class officers to guide students to graduation. Classes also do campus-wide events to raise money for community service projects.

University Societies

All main campus undergraduate students have the opportunity to join a student-led Society. Each society will work to connect students to organizations and opportunities to give students avenues to gain service hours and helping the CU student body impact the immediate community. Each society will focus on a different service area as follows:

  • Alpha Phi ΑΦ — Underprivileged Youth Ministries
  • Beta Sigma ΒΣ — Hunger Ministries
  • Gamma Chi ΓΧ — Women’s Ministries
  • Pi Delta ΠΔ — Homeless Ministries
  • Omega Nu ΩΝ — Evangelism

University Clubs

Student Services provides a way for students to come together in interest-based groups. The types of clubs may vary and are designed around the interests of the students. The only restriction is that it must be in line with the university’s mission and purpose. Membership in a club is completely voluntary.

Clubs require ten students, one employee sponsor, and submission of a charter request. Initial administratively-approved charters are for two years. After two years, clubs may re-apply for a five-year charter. Interested parties can apply for "club status" in the office of the Dean of Students.

Two long-standing clubs are:

  • Kappa Chi Club - The Kappa Chi Club (Preachers of Christ) is for all men interested in a Gospel-preaching ministry. Meetings are held regularly to promote fellowship and to provide further insight into sermon preparation.
  • Missions Club - The Missions Club is composed of students who are either planning to go to the field or who are actively interested in missions. The activities include regular meetings often with visiting missionaries. This organization is open to all students.