Student Life

Student Life

Spiritual Life

Piedmont International University campus life contributes to the spiritual development of its students with dorm devotions and prayer meetings. In addition, the University sets aside a special season for prayer each year when students, administrators, faculty, staff, and alumni are invited to remember the needs of the University family. Classes at Piedmont begin with prayer, and courses are taught with the goal of helping students develop spiritually.

Chapel Attendance

The chapel service is a central part of University life each week. Speakers are chosen who will present a warm spiritual emphasis to encourage, uplift, and inform.


Throughout the academic year, PIU hosts conferences and special emphasis weeks. These weeks include the Impact Conference, Spiritual Life Week, Missions Conference, and the Steven’s Lecture Series. During these weeks, guest speakers provide biblical preaching, ministry experience, and musical performances.


All students are required to faithfully attend a local church approved by the Student Services Department. Students must attend the same church for all services unless they are returning home or for special events. Exceptions must be approved beforehand by the Student Services Department. Students are required to attend Christian churches that are Biblical in doctrine, subject to approval of the Dean of Campus and Spiritual Life. A student who wishes to continue attending his/her home church may request permission to do so as part of the admission process.

Fine Arts

The University sponsors and the department of music presents an Artist Series featuring guest performers and Christian school bands and choirs from across the Carolina region. In addition, the department presents a number of concerts and recitals throughout the school year, giving students the opportunity to enjoy a variety of excellent performances. Candlelight Carols is the Christmas concert, an event appreciated by the community. There is also a special concert presented in the spring.

Christian Ethics

It is the goal of Piedmont International University to provide a Christian atmosphere and one that challenges students to live lives pleasing to Christ, guided by biblical standards and manifesting the fruit of the Spirit.

The University expects believers to exemplify Christian love, consideration of the rights of others, honesty, and a high sense of Christian ethics. In keeping with that which Christ taught to be essential in the character of Christians, believers are to avoid gossiping, backbiting, and maligning of character.

Christian Service

An integral part of the University program is involvement in Christian ministry. Christian service provides students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom and to gain invaluable experience for their future ministries. Emphasis is given to building faithfulness and commitment to local churches and faith-based organizations where students serve throughout their college years. Reports about Christian Service activity are completed regularly.

Character and Conduct

Piedmont International University seeks to provide an atmosphere conducive to serious study and to the development of strong Christian character. Inasmuch as the welfare of the group and the individual is best promoted by adequate accountability, appropriate rules and regulations are published in the Student Handbook. During course registration, students must sign a signature page stating that they agree to abide by the guidelines contained therein. Students should see the Undergraduate Student Handbook for the Sexual Harassment and Drug Policies.

Students whose general conduct and influence are considered to be out of harmony with the standards of the Student Handbook or out of harmony with standards of life and work believed to be essential 31 to the academic, spiritual, and social welfare of the University may be expelled, suspended, or refused readmission. The University reserves the right to request withdrawal, even though there may be no specific breach of conduct calling for dismissal.

Student Complaint Policy

Piedmont International University is committed to timely and fair resolution of all student complaints and provides a process for students to file formal complaints when they are dissatisfied with institutional policies, services, or employee actions. This process may apply to academic or nonacademic issues, but is typically applied in matters where formal policies and procedures are not in effect. In those areas, policies stated in the Student or Academic Handbooks take precedence.

General Principles

  • Whenever possible and in a timely fashion, students should voice complaints informally with the faculty, staff, or other student/s involved. A list of University administration, faculty, and staff can be found here.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved informally, students are encouraged to follow the formal complaint process.
  • There will be no adverse effect on or retaliation against a student voicing a complaint in good faith, nor against any person who in good faith provides information regarding a complaint.

A formal written complaint may be submitted to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness by completing an online or PDF complaint form found at Submission of complaints should be made within 30 days of the incident. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the person/s submitting the formal complaint. Upon receipt of the complaint by the Office of IE, the complaint will be assigned to the appropriate office.


Students are expected to apply themselves conscientiously to their studies and will find it necessary to limit employment accordingly. Employment is available to students on campus and in the surrounding community.

Insurance and Medical Services

The Student Services Office provides an initial contact for students with medical needs. Students are expected to see their personal doctors and/or to enter a hospital in the event of serious illness. Students are encouraged to maintain or to acquire health and/or hospitalization insurance to cover accidents or illnesses. The University provides accident coverage for students involved in school sponsored on-campus or off-campus activities.

Student Housing

All single students under 22 years of age are required to occupy campus housing facilities and to patronize the University dining room or to live with their parents, grandparents, or married sibling. Students are required to be enrolled for a minimum of six academic hours in order to live in campus housing facilities. Intercollegiate Athletics Piedmont is a Division I member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA). Men’s and women’s sports are offered, with details available at