John Wesley School of Leadership

At Carolina University, we are committed to training leaders for today’s complex and challenging organizational environments. Under the instruction of highly skilled and credentialed faculty, our students examine contemporary leadership themes and principles — relating them to varied organizational contexts and putting them into practice. 

The John Wesley School of Leadership at Carolina University offers degrees in Educational Administration, Healthcare Administration, Leadership, and Organizational Management. In addition to these degrees, students are able to tailor their leadership studies to fit their disciplinary interests by pursuing their independent research in their chosen field. Regardless of professional background or interests, students have the ability to work with world-leading faculty to hone their leadership expertise.

Our students study subjects such as organizational change, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and emotional intelligence. Graduates from the John Wesley School of Leadership hold national and international positions in global organizations, military contexts, non-profits, health care, educational institutions, government agencies, churches, and para-church ministries.