John M. Deeds Hall houses the academic offices, student deans’ offices, Moore School of Education, Patterson School of Business, School of Arts and Sciences, George M. Manuel Library, cafeteria, faculty offices, and classroom space.

Student residences are located in Lee Hall, Griffith Hall, Stevens Hall, and Patterson Hall.

Stevens Hall also houses the Piedmont Divinity School, classrooms, administrative and faculty offices, and a lounge. The technology department is located on the ground floor. Additional student residences are located on the third and fourth floors.

The Den, gift shop, Abbie Williams gymnasium, and locker rooms reside in the Pope Activities Center.

The development offices and financial services are located in the Financial & Development Center, one block north of Deeds Hall.

Athletic offices are in the Athletic House on Academy St.

Grace Hall is named in honor of Grace Stevens, wife of Dr. Charles H. Stevens, and is the home of the Executive Offices, Admissions Offices, and a museum featuring historical events and memorabilia from Carolina University, Spurgeon Baptist Bible College, Atlantic Baptist Bible College, Tennessee Temple University, Southeastern Bible College, and John Wesley University.