Addendum 2020-2021 Catalog

Changed Page Change Message
03/09/2021 Public Health Add MPH635 to required Professional Core, Move MPH640 to Professional Core, Move MPH610 to Elective Options, change Professional Core to 42 from 39 credit hours, change Elective options from 9 credit hours to 6
03/09/2021 Public Health Move PH335 to Professional Core from Elective Options and adjust credit hours in group headings appropriately
02/22/2021 Nursing Spelling
02/22/2021 Information Systems Revise description to remove language that it sits inside another degree.
02/19/2021 Ministry (Spanish) MA Update with translated course descriptions
02/19/2021 Ministry (Portuguese) Add translated course descriptions
02/19/2021 Interdisciplinary Studies Change GO302 for GO101 (renamed course code)
02/18/2021 BBA with Minor Change GO302 for GO101 (renamed course code)
02/18/2021 BBA Change GO302 for GO101 (renamed course code)
02/16/2021 Ministry (Portuguese) Remove footnote
02/16/2021 Ministry (Portuguese) Update course listing to match English version of the course
02/16/2021 Ministry (Spanish) MA Match courses to English
02/16/2021 Ministry (Spanish) MA Remove unnecessary footnotes
02/16/2021 Ministry (Spanish) MA Update listing of courses to be in congruency with the English version of the degree
02/16/2021 Biblical Studies Change the Professional core from 33 to 36; electives from 33 to 30; then add BP102 Christian Ethics to Professional Core
02/16/2021 Piedmont Divinity School Remove grade requirements list
02/16/2021 Piedmont Divinity School Update degree offerings under The Present heading.
02/11/2021 Sociology Change GO302 for GO101 (same course, different code)
02/11/2021 Counseling Update program with revised tracks and course codes (changing PSY prefix to COU).
02/11/2021 Ministry (Spanish) MA Revise Spanish MA Ministry to be in line with the revised English version of the program.
02/11/2021 Ministry (Portuguese) Revise MA Ministry (Portuguese) program to align with English version of program.
02/11/2021 MDiv Revise program description, omit tracks, add note about electives
02/11/2021 MDiv Update admissions and degree requirements, add note regarding entrance GPA exception
02/11/2021 Biblical Studies Remove comprehensive exam information and clarify admissions/graduation requirements.
02/11/2021 Ministry Clean up degree requirements and admissions requirements
11/12/2020 Public Health Minor updates to existing PLOs, remove the following PLOs: Allow course flexibility to enhance and expand the learning experiences in relation to student interests in public health; Value cultural competence and promote diversity and inclusion of thought, culture, gender and ethnicity; Prevent disease, promote health, and protect the well-being of the public through education, research and service; Provide students with a hands-on, experiential learning practicum; Prepare students for an advanced degree, such as a PhD, through research methods and practice; Provide students with opportunities for integration and practical application of the learned competencies through a practicum, capstone project, and other educational, research and service activities
11/12/2020 Public Health Minor updates to existing PLOs, remove the following PLOs: Evidence an understanding of the foundations of biological and life sciences and the concepts of health and disease; Describe the concepts, processes, approaches, and interventions of population health; Describe the underlying science of human health and disease including opportunities for promoting and protecting health; Explain how epidemiology and surveillance are used to safeguard population health; Discuss the fundamental characteristics and organizational structures of the US and global health system; Outline the basic legal, ethical, economic, and regulatory dimensions of health care and policy and the responsibilities of the different agencies
11/12/2020 DS Remove the following PLOs: Apply Data Management Skills; Build and Evaluate Models; Demonstrate Effective Communication; Develop Relevant Programming Skills
11/05/2020 Leadership Rename and reorganize course groupings
11/04/2020 MDiv Remove footer note
11/04/2020 MDiv Redistribute ministry tracks into a single channel using electives.
11/04/2020 Ministry Remove MIN524; RES710; THE506; THE517; Three Ministry 500-699 level courses, add THE500; THE501; Ministry Electives (15)
11/04/2020 Biblical Studies Courses; add RES710, remove OT/NT Elective, remove THE505; THE517; THE611; THE621; RES801, add Bible/Theology Electives
11/04/2020 Biblical Studies (Certificate) Change "Electives" to "Piedmont Divinity School Electives"
11/04/2020 Leadership Remove LEA804 and add RES710
11/04/2020 Nursing Update admissions requirements to include BSN from accredited institution
11/04/2020 Counseling Add line about seeking CACREP accreditation to program description
11/04/2020 Ministry Update admissions requirements to remove letters of recommendation, add PDS admission agreement
11/04/2020 MDiv Update admissions requirements to remove letters of recommendation, add PDS admission agreement
11/04/2020 Biblical Studies Update admissions requirements to include PDS admission agreement
11/04/2020 Ministry Update program description
10/09/2020 MFP Correct MFP to 36 credit hours to match TRACS docs, add 6 credit hours of electives
09/29/2020 Accreditation, Recognition, and Affiliation Corrected accreditation statement based on TRACS requirement
09/29/2020 Psychology (BS) Add link to BA Psychology
09/29/2020 Psychology (BA) Add link to BS Psychology
09/14/2020 Psychology (BA) Change electives/concentration from 42 credit hours to 33 credit hours
09/14/2020 Psychology (BA) Rewrite Psychology program description, change electives from 12 credit hours to 21 credit hours and add four counseling courses.
09/14/2020 Psychology (BS) Updated description; added elective courses from the counseling minor.
08/31/2020 Federal Aid MA Ministry qualitative standard reduced to 2.00. Was previously at 2.50 with other divinity programs.